Welcome to the ACR Homes website. We’re sure that you will find plenty of useful information here at your fingertips: our philosophy of care, information on career opportunities, and perhaps most importantly, our Core Values Statement which is the foundation of everything we do at ACR.

ACR provides residential support services for people with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Jim and Dorothy Nelson opened the first ACR home in 1981 for six students with autism who were graduating from high school. Based on their personal experience living and working with people with disabilities, they developed a unique model of care. We currently support over 200 individuals in over 50 homes throughout the five-county Twin Cities metropolitan area. Each home reflects the tastes, interests, and special needs of the people we support there. We strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in each home.

ACR has an outstanding reputation for providing consistent, high quality services since 1981. Our commitment to quality requires high standards for staffing. ACR has a thorough and detailed hiring and training process and excellent supervision and support.

We hope that you find your visit here at our web site both informing and enjoyable. Please send us any comments, feedback or questions. Thank you!

-Jim and Dorothy Nelson
Founders of ACR Homes